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27 Apr 2020

Spending quality time with your kiddos while you are busy WFH

Ahh! WFH. You must have heard this term very frequently during this lockdown period. Acronym for Work from Home , WFH has been used frequently these days. Whenever you talk to someone either on phone or on chat, they will definitely ask you, “How is your WFH going on?” Since last two months, we all have been locked down in our homes due to COVID – 19 pandemics. This is the demand of the current situation. All the family members are at home whether it is day or night. No schools, no offices, no morning walks, and no family get togethers.

If we see the positive side of this scenario, we will realize that for the first time in our life, we have got a chance to spend such a long time with our family, especially with our kids. I am sure most of us are really happy for giving a lot of time to the kids and observing them so closely. But do you know how much time you are actually spending with your children? There is very fine line difference between quantity and quality time. Does ‘spending time’ include the time spent sitting side-by-side in the same room, but with everyone on their own technical devices? Does it mean watching TV together. A study shows that the time you are completely involved with your kids is the actual quality time you are giving to your kids.

Spending time with your kids actually means playing board games like Ludo, carrom, snakes and ladder with them; sitting on the dining table together with no mobile phones, tablets or laptops lying on the table; watching movies together; doing household chores together; cuddling sleeping together. In a nutshell, the time you spend with no gadgets around you is the actual time you spend with your kids.
You can utilize this time in strengthening your parent-child bond which would also keep your child away from stress and other issues.