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3 May 2020

Huge Round of Applause to Our kids

During this lockdown period, everyone has shown an extreme level of patience by staying home for such a long time. But the real heroes are our innocent children, who have seen such a dramatic and drastic change in their lifestyles. We all are mature and sensible enough to understand and cope up with the crisis the whole world is going through. For kids, that’s not so easy. The lives they were living, have been turned upside down completely. The things the love – their school, their friends, their teachers, playground, park, coaching classes – have all been taken away from them. Their physical school has been rapidly shifted to online school. They are not even allowed to play outside in the parks of their locality. No more weekend dinners with the families, no visits to their grandparents and other relatives, no more shopping in the malls, no more pizza party, and even no new episodes of their favourite TV shows. They must be missing all these things.
Since last two months, they have been watching and hearing about only few terms, the COVID 19 pandemic, its statistics, quarantine, isolation, and deaths. We, being adults, cannot even imagine, what would have been going through their minds. In the initial days of lockdown, every child must be happy because they got so many holidays unexpectedly. The final examinations were also cancelled. But after so many days of lockdown, they must be thinking when everything will get back to normal. Every child of the entire world deserves praise and admiration.
Hats off to our little heroes: today, tomorrow and forever.